About Me

A little bit about my style. I am a local photographer based in the Wetumpka, Al area. My style is documentary or photo-journalistic images. I also enjoy long exposures and landscape photography. I like to tell stories that will evoke emotions with my photographs.  I view my work as a bit of history to be passed down from generation to generation.  A story telling of a sorts of what went on in your life that day. I wont come in and pose you much, I will take photos of you doing what you do with your family, in those in between moments between the big stuff.

A little bit about me, I am retired military, firefighter, baseball coach, husband, father, step father, geocacher, hiker, camper, RVer, hunter, fisher, softball player, adventurer, freelance writer, gear tester, armchair explorer, hammock hanger, aerial imagery specialist, short distance backpacker, misguided gardener, power point artist, and sometimes mountain biker. I can make bows, braids, sew, and embroidery items. I can fix cars and roof houses. I’ve never spent the night in jail though most people think I have. I think I can build and do almost anything but my wife will say otherwise.

In a nutshell I am me.

I would love to document your family.

brian (at) tannehillphotography.com

Cell 334-472-4712

Brian T.