You have to do more now in a hot market to sell a house. That sounds backwards, I know. Why do you have to do more now? Because houses are selling quick, and there is more competition between agents for the buyer and seller.

Photos don’t sell the house. Agents sell the house. My services sell you. Show your clients what all you can offer them, to set them apart from the other listings.

Recent home photographed by Tannehill Photography

According to NOLA.COM “If inventory is low, buyers are more likely to use an agent to locate homes for sale…”

How do your listing photos look compared to others? Do they grab the buyers attention?

In a hot market, buyers need to move quickly and are driven by first impressions and emotions.

New home buyers place emphasis on virtual tours and videos showcasing
properties and communities. We provide virtual tours, virtual staging, and virtual walk throughs.

It is no secret buyers and sellers are using the internet to find houses.
“Home for sale near me” was searched 673,000 times per month on the internet according to an SEO keyword search. Are your photos standing out from the crowd?

92% of homebuyers (according to use the internet as part of their home search

There‚Äôs a huge difference between professional listing photos and amateur ones, and buyers will be able to tell. Plus, the professional photos will make your house look amazing online.

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