What is your marketing plan for 2022 and beyond? Do you even have one?

What happens in a neighborhood when you put your for sale sign up in front of a house?…. All the other looky loos come and look at your listing. This is your resume to all the other homeowners in that neighborhood.

What is your resume telling them? That you will market the house better than anyone else? Or that you don’t care and you’ll just take cell phone photos of their largest investment?

What is your marketing plan when the market turns? It is easier to establish a marketing plan and budget now when houses are selling for more.

There is a discrepancy in what passes for professional high quality photography in American real estate marketing.

The current philosophy is: Why do I need to spend more money than the bare minimum to market a house when homes are selling within hours of being uploaded to the MLS (often sight-unseen and after a bidding war)? 

Redfin, the New York Times, CNBC have declared it abruptly: The “housing boom is over”.  

On Sept 30, 2021, Realtor.com reported that 17.9% of homes that were listed that month underwent a price reduction. 

In a sellers market..are you neglecting the buyer?

Simply using cell phone photos will not cut it for marketing a house if we transition to a buyers market. Do you even remember what a buyer wants to see?

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and property giant Zillow, recently released surveys on what buyers wanted. The results were basically the same

Buyers want to see quality photography, a (digital) floor plan and a virtual tour when they view a listing online. 

Here is my guide for a “best practice” for agents that want to build a marketing plan:

  • Good imagery 
  • Copy with all essential detail 
  • A floor plan 
  • 360°/Virtual Tour 
  • Video footage

There has been a boom in the market the last couple of years…Have you been sharpening your marketing skills for the downturn or just said this cell phone photo will sell this house because the market is hot right now?

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