In my previous post, I discussed why you should Market in a hot market. In this post, we will cover what equipment is needed for real estate photography to produce high-quality, high-resolution real estate images.

Equipment for RE photography

List of equipment for Real Estate Photography

  • A professional camera: You’ll need a full frame digital SLR camera, with a large sensor for a wider field of view and highest quality.
  • A wide-angle lens: A wide-angle lens lets you capture more of each room, with full detail and depth.
  • A tilt-shift lens: A professional tilt-shift lens can help you avoid the vertical line distortion that’s an easy giveaway that photos were done by an amateur.
  • A tripod: When your camera is secured on a tripod, you can capture crisp images with a slower shutter speed, which allows for more natural light.
  • Computer for editing: You will need a semi powerful computer to edit all these files. Camera files are larger, and the software to edit photos takes up more memory.
  • Off Camera flash: You’ll want to be equipped with supplemental lighting for larger rooms.
  • Light stand: A professional light stand allows you to light a room effectively.
  • Drone: Elevated Aerial Images look great on houses and large tracts of land. You need a part 107 to fly commercially.
  • 360 Camera: To add extra views to your listings you will need a decent 360 camera to provide interactive 360 tours of the property. You will Stand out from your competition, and earning more listings.

Do you need everything on this list to get started? No, You can start with a camera, tripod, lens and computer. If you do not own a drone, you could use a pole for aerial style photos of the house.

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